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Bore snake, my thoughts

Brought one cheap one day in 7.62.  So far after testing on the mosin, sks and svt i would have to say.  It actually makes cleaning longer.  Your clean with this few times, run a patch through to check, “clean” some more, check patch still filthy, clean some more then you just give up and do it the old way because you have shit to do other than this.

My vote, dont bother with it.

Black stormtrooper.

The new star wars trailer left me with 2 feelings.  One was the biggest “meh” any trailer ever had given me, the other, “why is there a black guy in a storm trooper out fit?”
I wondered enough to ask google that about a week later.  WOW, the internet is full of racists.  Not the people asking the question, but everyone else assuming it was racist!
There were so many, “deal with it”, “darth vader was black” and even “jango wasnt white” comments it was laughable.  If it hadn’t been so pathetic.
So i went to IMDb. and found out the black guy wasn’t the new comic relief jar-jar, despite how the trailer made it seem, but a main character.  So i assume he stole the outfit for a disguise.
I wont know for a few years until the movie gets to a TV channel, as i have never paid money to see a star wars since the disaster that was the phantom menace, and i never will again.

This will just be more cheesy shit in a universe populated with about two dozen characters that only know each other but cant remember knowing each other.

But these trailers are all much better.


SVT outing(s)

So i shot the SVT a few times this summer and it performed flawlessly. Except. For the last time.
For some reason i suddenly started to get light strikes, and  50% of the time they would fire the second time around.  I fortunately did happen to have some different ammo, and that worked perfectly.  Then i went back to the Chinese surplus and noticed, while loading the magazine, some primers were set further in.  Noting which ones they were on the way in, matched perfectly with which ones didn’t fire on the way out.  Most annoying.  But if this continues to be a problem a little presorting into SVT and Mosin ammo piles may be in order until this case is used up.

Fall Tv, So far

Well, Fall Tv has started and hers what i watch and how i like it (in no special order)
Ratings as follows:
Must See.
Worth Watching.
Kills time.

Haven – Didn’t think it had anywhere great to go this season, and was wrong.  Like.

Hawaii five 0 – Didnt think this had anywhere to go either and not sure if it did or not, but still worth watching.

Big Bang Theory – Have loved everything about every episode of this show, until this season.  The writing died, penny is pig ugly with short hair. (makes Amy Fugly Fowler look hot)  and it just doesnt hold my interest like it used to.  Meh

Last Man Standing –  Tim Allen doing what he does best, a must see.

Walking Dead – Holy crap, 4 seasons of long winded whining has come to an end and it is all action now.  Must see.

Blue Bloods – Tom Seleck, a wahlberg and that hot chick partner of Jamie’s. Like.

Castle – Capn Mal, the hot chick detective. goofy stories.  Like

Doctor Who – First Dr since the reboot, (like 10 years ago) i have been able to watch.  Peter capaldi is magnificent and the Dr – Companion dynamic is amazing.  Must See.


What i don’t like about tv this fall is the schedule, everything good is on Fri to Mon.  Tues Wed Thur, no tv at all.  Why they moved tbbt to mon i will never know.  All i want is 1 watchable show per evening, is that too much to ask?


The Hobbit Movie, the best version so far.

Mo’ gun posts

Summer is beginning to dissapear over the horizon and it will soon be time to stay the heck indoors and write about what i did.
There was some shooting, some buying of new things and some how-the-hell-does-this-go-back-together? moments.
They will be along in good time, be patient good people.

Jayne!…The man they call…Jayne!

It arrived today.
I am SO nerdy.


The photo washed out the color above.  It  is correct (as below).  And i am not taking the hat off to retake the photo.


As you can see the detail of the packaging was excellent from box markings to wood shaving packing and authentic letter from home.

If you want one yourself, then go visit Ma here and shes on the facebooks too if that’s your thing.

1903 Springfield project

1903 Springfield Rifle


Curses! Foiled Again!

Cogito ergo armatus sum


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