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The Hobbit Movie, the best version so far.

Mo’ gun posts

Summer is beginning to dissapear over the horizon and it will soon be time to stay the heck indoors and write about what i did.
There was some shooting, some buying of new things and some how-the-hell-does-this-go-back-together? moments.
They will be along in good time, be patient good people.

Jayne!…The man they call…Jayne!

It arrived today.
I am SO nerdy.


The photo washed out the color above.  It  is correct (as below).  And i am not taking the hat off to retake the photo.


As you can see the detail of the packaging was excellent from box markings to wood shaving packing and authentic letter from home.

If you want one yourself, then go visit Ma here and shes on the facebooks too if that’s your thing.

Kealey Cuoco revealed!

No, not in the fappening, but revealed as no hotter than any other chick you might know in the real life.
I DO NOT know what happened over the summer.  I assume the regular hair/makeup and wardrobe team at TBBT died/quit/were abducted by aliens though.  Leaving us with unskilled day laborers from the homeless shelter to fill in.  There are not enough words to say how shocking the contrast of cute Penny in previous series to ewww Penny of these first two episodes is.

Hair = Awful
Makeup = Awful
Clothes = Awful

Well, lets hope Sheldon’s assistant makes a comeback this series.  Need something prettier than Raj to look at.

Update.  Just watched episode 2 and i think the writers died over the summer too.  So far this season TBBT is showing definite signs of having jumped the shark.

The fappening 2 : The Continuation

Actually, i think the real title replaces an O with a U, but lets keep it PG here.

After this post i want to say:

WOW!  Was I ever wrong.

This weekend graces us with more good J Law.  Finally so decent (ish) KC and some truely disturbing Hope Solo.

I want to go on the record as saying i think Hope Solos vagina could be a great goalie all on its own, easily catching, absorbing and probably spitting any soccer ball at least halfway back down the field.

There were also a bunch of “who the fuck is thats”  and a surprising and delightful Kate Bosworth set.

Fap on world, fap on.

Updated rating  8/10

The Fappening, as i saw it.

Short version.  Meh.

Long version. I found out by accident on Monday night this had happened, and immediately went in search of all this glorious win in all its…, well glory.
Much like the works of many of the participants in The Fappening, the trailer was better than the actual event.  True to Hollywood form, it was over hyped, poor quality, and totally failed to meet expectations.  Part of this may be due to it being an icloud hack.  iphones not so great with the camera.

Many of the celebs i had never heard of.
Many of the pics were totally unidentifiable, infact you could have said they are pics of people i know in real life just as easily and i would have had to take your word for it.
Many were fake.  Yes i want to see J Law take a facial, but at least get a better likeness to fake it.
Many were pointless crap that could have been take from their own instagram. Yes Kaley Cucco i am talking about your boring duckface photos.  Its clear that you are hotter dressed than half dressed making faces in the mirror.

I forget how many there were supposed to be, the few that were slightly interesting were:

Becca Tobin (whoever that is)  she looks good decorating a xmas tree.

The WHO? file:
Arianna Grande
Bar Rafaeli
Brie Larson
Jessica Brown FindlayKrysten Ritter
Lea Michelle
Mary Winstead
McKayla Maroney
Melissa Benoist
Teresa Palmer
Victoria Justice
Yvonne Strahovski

The Meh file:

Olivia Munn, totally unprovable pic of a no talent assclown i do know of.
Kirsten Dunst, i feel like i have seen these (pics)  before.
Kate Upton, classic example of how some body types are better under clothes.  Nice butt covered in jizz pic though.
Selena Gomez, well i at least heard of her.
Hope Solo, if you can get past knowing what an utter train wreck she is and like photos that show nothing then go for it.


Overall rating 1/10

MH17 report.

“Flight MH17 with a Boeing 777-200 operated by Malaysia Airlines broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside,” the Dutch Safety Board said in its preliminary report.


So like rounds from a GSh-30-2 30mm cannon with 250 rounds?

1903 Springfield project

1903 Springfield Rifle


Curses! Foiled Again!

Cogito ergo armatus sum


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