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Why i have no opinion on MH17

Well, its simple, i like facts, and so far there re none.  Well one, MH-17 crashed.

Thats it, thats all we know.

Sure it crashed over a war zone, for want of a word.
Imagine if it had crashed 30 mins sooner or later, totally different story.

Heres what might have happened. (with likelinesses)

  1. It just crashed out of random aviation bad luck. (possible)
    Hey, accidents happen.
  2. Russians shot it down from Russia. (no chance)
    Why? This makes no sense at all except to retards like McLame
  3. Donbas shot it down from within Donbass on purpose.  (Impossible)
    Again, for what purpose?
  4. Donbass shot it down from within Donbass my mistake (Possible)
    Maybe, i don’t know how those launcher things work.
  5. Ukraine shot it down by mistake. (possible)
    See above
  6. Ukraine shot it down on purpose, (possible)
    The bs coming out of Kiev has been beyond Baghdad Bob proportions.
  7. Something else (maybe)
    lets keep an open mind.My choices?  Either 1,4, or 6.  But we wont find out the truth for another ten years or so.
  8. Just thought of this;  Ukraine deliberately had traffic sent lower over the hot zone hoping something like this might happen
    Unfortunately Petro Pork is the kind of person who would think of that.

Beware of men with beards

China, fortunate to not have been beaten down by the politically correct police has issued some public safety posters that accuratly get their point across to help fight their terror problems.

_76248336_terror2 _76253081_terror1

I am sick of [sic]

[sic] is really beginning to piss me off.  What is its purpose?  Other than the user to point out ‘Ooh look at me, i noticed a typo that the original author didn’t.  This is me smugly pointing it out to you that i am superior in someway”

I mean, couldn’t you have just fixed the typo?  You knew what they meant, but no, you had to type 6 extra characters instead?  If its some olde worlde translation and you think your readers might not figure that out for themselves, either get better readers, or stop being a self important ass.

If you are direct quoting something with an odd spelling such as this example from the Wikipedia entry on sic,

“The House of Representatives shall chuse [sic] their Speaker …”

then fine.  But the most important thing to remember is [sic] totally destroys the flow of a sentence and spoils the reader experience.  But with the ever incorrect corrections of  auto correct, the brains ability to fix miplest wrods berfoe you raed them and the  increasing use of text like shortenings in product names encountered daily, i have to ask do we need [sic] outside of technical, reference or research papers?

Movie Review – Edge Of Tomorrow

I need to begin this with two disclaimers.  One, i hate most things tom cruise, generally his acting sucks and he is a nutball.  Two, i watched this during a torrential thunderstorm, on a laptop while no one could go outside and it was a crappy cam torrent, but not my computer and what else were we going to do?

The great thing about assuming all things tom cruise sucks is, once in a while it doesnt and you are pleasantly surprised. Scroll to the end to see what i think of TC movies.


This movie started out well, the premise was satisfactory, the characters were as expected but then a funny thing happened.  It got better.
To explain i will say Think of the time travel premise in Ground Hog Day where Bill Murray gets to know the towns folk, sometimes for poor reasons, sometimes noble ones and eventually improves both himself (seriously, how many days of piano lessons was that?) and the lives of people around him.
With the ability to keep doing do overs, and the movie makes it clear he does a lot but i am thinking IRL, if every day was a day, then at least year goes by for his character.

The movie is unexpectedly funny, interesting, and i did feel for the character as he dies endlessly, time and time again to advance a little further, maybe find out that he was going the wrong path, go back to a point there was a choice, try that a thousand times, etc etc.
Its actually quite a good movie, the plot was good, the lack of bad cgi was good, the green screen parts were not take you out of the movie obvious (again this was a cam copy so maybe they were).  In general i found my self enjoying the movie and characters entirely and amazed that i was doing so.

IMDB has it at 8.2 right now and i would say 8.5 for sure.

Well done Mr Cruise, you are on quite a roll.



Year Title Role Director Notes
1981 Endless Love Billy Franco Zeffirelli  NA
1981 Taps Cadet Captain David Shawn Harold Becker sucked
1983 The Outsiders Steve Randle Francis Ford Coppola sucked
1983 Losin’ It Woody Curtis Hansen NA
1983 All the Right Moves Stefen “Stef” Djordjevic Michael Chapman NA
1983 Risky Business Joel Goodson Paul Brickman Good
1985 Legend Jack O’ The Green Ridley Scott  Sucked
1986 Top Gun Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell Tony Scott  OK but Pure 80’s cheese
1986 The Color of Money Vincent Lauria Martin Scorsese sucked
1988 Cocktail Brian Flanagan Roger Donaldson sucked
1988 Rain Man Charlie Babbitt Barry Levinson Good
1989 Born on the Fourth of July Ron Kovic Oliver Stone  sucked
1990 Days of Thunder Cole Trickle Tony Scott   sucked
1992 Far and Away Joseph Donnelly Ron Howard  sucked
1992 A Few Good Men Lt. Daniel Kaffee Rob Reiner  sucked
1993 The Firm Mitch McDeere Sydney Pollack  sucked
1994 Interview with the Vampire Lestat de Lioncourt Neil Jordan  sucked
1996 Mission: Impossible Ethan Hunt Brian De Palma not bad
1996 Jerry Maguire Jerry Maguire Cameron Crowe  OK
1997 The Magic School Bus Show Host (Voice) Jocelyn Stevenson NA
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Bill Harford Stanley Kubrick  sucked
1999 Magnolia Frank T.J. Mackey Paul Thomas Anderson  sucked
2000 Mission: Impossible II Ethan Hunt John Woo which one was this?
2001 Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures Narrator Jan Harlan NA
2001 Vanilla Sky David Aames Cameron Crowe   sucked
2002 Space Station 3D Narrator Tony Myers NA
2002 Minority Report John Anderton Steven Spielberg  sucked
2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember Himself (cameo) Jay Roach dont recall
2003 The Last Samurai Nathan Algren Edward Zwick  sucked
2004 Collateral Vincent Michael Mann NA
2005 War of the Worlds Ray Ferrier Steven Spielberg meh at best
2006 Mission: Impossible III Ethan Hunt J. J. Abrams which one was this?
2007 Lions for Lambs Senator Jasper Irving Robert Redford  NA
2008 Valkyrie Claus von Stauffenberg Bryan Singer  sucked
2008 Tropic Thunder Les Grossman Ben Stiller  sucked
2010 Knight and Day Roy Miller James Mangold  sucked
2011 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Ethan Hunt Brad Bird which one was this?
2012 Rock of Ages Stacee Jaxx Adam Shankman NA
2012 Jack Reacher Jack Reacher Christopher McQuarrie  Good
2013 Oblivion Jack Harper Joseph Kosinski Good
2014 Edge of Tomorrow Maj. William “Bill” Cage Doug Liman Good

Movie review -The Lego Movie

After watching this movie i almost penned this letter..

Dear Hollywood,
please pack up all your things and go home.  We don’t need you anymore.

Sincerely, the universe.

Its funny and a devastating critique on modern society all at the same time.  Plus joyfully entertaining.

9 1/2 out of 10

Now follows my favorite character, mostly because i had a lot of lego space as a kid.


Here’s Why Rian Johnson Is The Right Person to Direct ‘Star Wars’ 8 and 9

Because hes not that fucking JJ fucking Abrams fucking lens flare fucking re-imagining all time and space fucking dipshit.

That is all.

This sounds like my cable company

1903 Springfield project

1903 Springfield Rifle


Curses! Foiled Again!

Cogito ergo armatus sum


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