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TV show review – The Fall

You know that feeling when you are off sick, there’s nothing you can do, or want to do, or realistically can expect to manage and the whole day being filled with daytime tv make you want to go outside and lie down in traffic?
Its been a couple of those days/  And with that as motivation i wandered the web looking for tv shows i havent heard of that are well rated.  I found one from the UK called  The Fall.
Its supposed to be awesome and heres why its not.  Gillian Andersons character is immensely unlikeable, you really want the murderer to get away with it, and then take her out too.  Her accent, what ever part of england its supposed to be from is, well, sucky mc sucksuck, and her whispery rasp slow style of speech means you may well wear out your mouse clicking ffwd.
Which brings us to suspense.  If suspense means endless shots of people walking down halls from a to b, eating lunch, using the toilet and all the other things that you assume they must have done off camera and in no way is needed to be on film, is on film.
Suspense in this case means delay,postpone or defer.  Series 1 is 5 episodes, series 2, is 6.  You can easily shave 1 episode out of each just by removing filler shots, a little more if the characters didnt stare thoughtfully at the ceiling and spoke like real people.  Both series only should add up to 8 episodes in total id you ask me.  But fortunately i have a ffwd button and could skim along and miss the dull-diddlely-dull parts.
The redeeming part of this show is all the unknown, unless you live in the UK actors.  They probably don’t get paid combined what GA does for this, but each deliver 10 times the performance.
In short, if you are stuck home with nothing else, go ahead and download them, if not, wait until you have no other choice.

Walking Dead, almost series 5 review.

The show up to mid season break was probably one of the best seasons so far, i dont think i even used the FFWD button.  After break it was a slow episode or two but then really got going, and i have never been so afraid for the group than i have since they got to Alexandria.

As for last nights episode, (15)  i really wish Rick had just shot Deanna between the eyes when he was in the street after the fight.   Shes lazy, evil and certainly upto no good.  But she is/was a congresswoman and that alone should have been enough reason to assume all that and put holes in here during the ‘interview’ sessions.

So, season finale next week, what will it bring?  Well who/whatever is putting the ‘w’ on people will show up to attack the compound, all the newbies will be suddenly forced to save these wimpy idiots and either suddenly appreciated  or thrown out just before it happens and come back to find it mostly over run.

The one thing i am 80% sure of is season 6 of walking dead will be dull if its leave it to beaver time.  Or leave Rick to get some beaver time.  But i don’t know how many more series of wandering around the country there can be.

Movie review – American Sniper.

By all accounts Chris Kyle was either an american hero or a total douchebag.  There doesn’t seem to be much in between opinions.  I never met the guy so who knows.

The movie however promises to be good from the trailers, and directed by Clint Eastwood too.  Unfortunatly it doesn’t quite deliver.
Its not a bad movie, or boring, or anything i can really just put my finger on.  Its not even the “based on a true story” therefore, dull. Or the worse “based on a true story” (a character or place name might be the same as real life) therefore, over the top bullshit.  No it was just that i had seen this movie 50 times before.
Guy joins service, meets girl, gets married and immediatly deploys, war changes guy, knocked up wife worries, he doesn’t notice, she worries more/gets knocked up more, the classic “you’re not here even when your here line gets rolled out” he goes back to war, realizes she was right. blahdy blah blah blah.

The only thing i really took away from this movie was how much i wanted to bang whoever that chick playing the wife was.
(imdb says its Sienna Miller, for what its worth this girl should never again be anything other than a brunette, shes not anywhere as hot when shes blonde)

My verdict: just outside the 8 ring
(see, that’s a shooting funny)
IMDB says 7.6, so we are close.

Hobbit -BOTFA part 2

So, i have now watched the whole movie and…..It is an abomination.  Let me pick some reasons why.
Plot in relation to the book. 1/10.
It all starts with bilbo as the sherrif of a sleepy seaside town, but lurking out in the water is Smaug.  Of course mayor Gandalf wont liste…Crap, that’s not right that’s Jaws, but it is almost as close to Tolkiens work as whatever the hell i just watched was.
Character investment. 1/10
When everything is done in an empty room in front of a green screen it shows.  Like in sw ep1, the last resident evil and others.  The actors are empty and so are your feelings for them*
Bad cgi is bad.
Thoughout the movie i kept hearing the cinemasins voice saying that. Over and over and over.  The cgi is easily as bad as the battle droids from ep1.
Lore shmore.
Forget everything you ever knew about elves, dwarves, wizards.  Not only did pj throw away the works of Tolkien, he also burnt and buried them along with D&D and every fantasy based work ever.

*tauriel, dear god i have never rooted for a character to die so much in a movie (except anyone who played anakin skywalker maybe)

In short, there was no reason the entire book couldnt have been one movie.  If i had time i would download all 3, edit out all the non book parts and combine them and post on youtube.  But i dont, and i am pretty sure someone with better skills and software somewhere is already working on it.

My final thoughts are, this really is as bad as ep 1 to me.  I will never watch it again, or another pj thing ever again.  (hey george, you have some company now).
Fortunatly, when i read the books they will be just the same as they were all those years ago.

Battle of Five armies

I dont know if i have ever chosen a title for worst movie ever, but even if i have, i was wrong, this is the worst movie ever.  At 10 mins in i am utterly appalled at, well everything.  This is clearly peter jacksons episode 1.  Oh wait, episode 1 is my worst movie ever.  Right now hobbit 3 is a dead tie with ep 1.

Movie review, The Interview.

The Interview (2014) the movie that terrorists threatened to blow up, and trust me you will be wishing a hijacked airliner into your living room too if you watch this.

I have friends who just finished a “media room” thingy.  Basement with big tv and stuff if you ask me.  But nonetheless we went to the grand opening of it, so to speak and the movie they chose to wow us all with was The Interview.
The funny thing is, its not funny.  I mean in simple, appeal to 13 year old boys repetitious funny it does OK.  But in actually, im not drunk at a frat house funny, it failed.

After, and before writing this, i looked it up on the inter-webs.
IMDB has its reviewed as the funniest thing ever, and by looking at the reviews you can tell they are either paid Sony trolls or North Koreans laughing as they make you shell out your hard earned cash for this.
Then i found alleged sony emails saying it sucked months back and now i am wondering if this whole thing was just some kind of pr stunt.

Regardless, i will be generous and say 3 glorious leaders out of 10.

Bore snake, my thoughts

Brought one cheap one day in 7.62.  So far after testing on the mosin, sks and svt i would have to say.  It actually makes cleaning longer.  Your clean with this few times, run a patch through to check, “clean” some more, check patch still filthy, clean some more then you just give up and do it the old way because you have shit to do other than this.

My vote, dont bother with it.

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