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Agenda 21 – mini book review.

November 12, 2013

To say Agenda 21 is written by Glenn Beck is like saying War and Peace is written by Shaquille o’Neal.

Harriett Parke  has written a pretty darn good dystopian fiction novel, presumably the first of 3 like most others of the genre.  Set in the former US of A after the UN takes control and tries its hippyesque, social engineering, give peace a chance, some are more equal than others plan for the world.  AKA Agenda 21.
This is a little more disturbing than some of its genre mates as the framework for dystoping (real word) the future is already in place today.

Quite why HP let Beck add his name to the cover confuses me as it would almost immediately alienate the main target demographic for all of the dystopian fiction since Hunger Games, – teenage girls.  But that is really none of my beeswax.
Recommendation, if you like any of the other DF books i have read i say read this one too.

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